X Factor Australia 2011

The X Factor Australia 2011 starts on Monday August 29 on the Aussie TV network channel 7.
The show has been running for a few years now and have produced many stars.
No, you don't have to reach first place to become a star on this show!
If you rock the audience then the world is your limit here!
What the judges are looking for is consistency with their performers and to get the Australian public to love them.
I know all the judges have a few tricks up their sleeves and will do their very best to win!
Actually if you saw last years you will know exactly what I mean!  Not only does it become competitive on the stage, but off as well!
Makes it a lot of fun to see the judges play their little games, especially when they fall behind.
But there is just no way to deter the Aussie public.  They know exactly what they like!
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