Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Emmanuel Kelly X Factor Australia 2011 Auditions

Welcome to our blog post all about Emmanuel Kelly X Factor Australia 2011 Auditions

The X Factor 2011 Auditions - Emmanuel Kelly
An amazing performance from an amazing person, check out Emmanuel's version of the John Lennon classic Imagine. Watch the full video with judges comments and more great clips at: xfactortv.com.au

This lovable guy who has had a young life of hard knocks shows us all what life is about.  Just goes to show doesn't it we shouldn't complain about our little trivial problems.
Also, there is now a massive Twitter following and Molly Meldrum says that he already made it and doesn't need to win.  Go Molly, I think your on the money there!

Emmanuel sang the John Lennon hit Imagine with such enthusiasm and he says that he sings because it's easy and it make people smile.  You got to love that!
So, if you are looking for some more moments of MAGIC then keep an eye out for which mega star judge picks this teen up at Boot Camp.
I am really looking forward to that!

Check Out The Twitter Feed Below

No doubt Emmanuel Kelly's @3AW693 / #XFactorAU has gone truly viral. I have had more than 300 YouTube notification emails in past hour.

By BenWiseMelb at 08/30/2011 19:04

Emmanuel Kelly's X Factor audition and Scent of A Woman ep 12 has made everything that I worry about seem really (cont) http://t.co/BxFTEmP

By singSONGirl at 08/30/2011 19:00

Emmanuel kelly, your a legend !! #inspiring

By Rj_williams_ at 08/30/2011 18:41

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