Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Declan Sykes 2011 X Factor Australia

"Declan Sykes 2011 X Factor Australia Get Ready"

This guy looks like a computer geek or crazy looking science guy, but sings like a pro! Absolutely blew the judges away with a great voice!
We do plan to have more of this guy as the competition unwinds this coming Monday night.
I am really looking forward to it and super interested in what the viewers think too!

I wander who others will appear on the show as they say that the talent is ten times better this year!  We will see.
So, please come and visit this blog, bookmark so you can find it again and come back and make a comment.  Why you are here check out all the other cool videos and song by recent performers.
More coming from Declan Sykes real soon!

2011 X Factor Australia SNEAK PEAK! (Declan Sykes)
Declan Sykes on Australias X Factor. I hold no rights to this video, all rights go to Fremantle media and channel 7 also the International The X Factor.

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