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X Factor Australia 2011 Opening Show 29 August

The X Factor (Australia)Image via WikipediaX Factor Australia 2011 Opening Show 29 August

Below I have listed the top performers and more, lets see what's on offer shall we!

Contestant 1:  Andrew Wishard sings " Someone like you" by Edel!
Super smooth voice singer salesman gets an alround standing ovation.  The judges get Goosebumps and super star judge Ronan Keating says "your voice is so good we could record it and sell it on the radio tomorrow"!
And yes, Andrew Wishards kids were super proud too!

Contestant 2:  Tyler Bertolli just gets through with 3 yeses from the judges singing "The Dark Days Are Over!
Guess who said no?  Ronan Keating said "I just don't think your ready"  The judges just weren't sure enough but could see something there, so she got through.
Lets see if she can pick things up with her next song.
Myself I agreed with Ronan and would of let her go, but hay I am not a super star judge.

Contestants 3:  Young Men Society bring the house down with their new boy band dance sing style "GOTTA LUV IT" I know I did!
The 3 dancers all met at dance school and formed up the band to get out of selling retail.
Yes, they all sell retail.  Just to pay the bills I guess.
The oldest of the group is 26 with the youngest 22.
It was screams all round from the judges and the crowd!
Yes, YOUNG MEN SOCIETY!!!!! Have the X Factor, so it seems.
See ya in Boot camp guys!
Mel B from the Spice girls loved here.

More Contestants:  Sydney unfortunately was a joke  the female judges just wanted the guys shirts off to show them their six packs.  I think it embarrassed the male judges a little.
Unfortunately singer Paul Brown working model and fan of Robbie Williams just didn't sing in key and the feamle judges were really hoping he would.

Contestant 4:  Reece Mastin has the X Factor 4 yeses all round. This 16 year old kid rocks the house down.  The girls are screaming and the judges love him.
I think he sounds like a modern day Bon Scott, well maybe, we will see.
The judges seem to think he has it and yes the boy love "TO ROCK"!

Check out Reece Mastin video below!

Looks like he made this at home! Keep an eye out for x Factor Youtube Video coming up soon!

There was a lot more incredible singers and I unfortunately my computer crashed, but believe me I will be back with more reviews and videos.

See you soon!

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