Monday, September 5, 2011

Nas and Jade X Factor Australia YouTube Video!

Boom Boom PowImage via WikipediaYou gotta luv "Nas and Jade X Factor Australia YouTube Video"!

Nas & Jade Straight Up - The X Factor Australia 2011 Audition - BOOM BOOM POW
Song Starts 1:39 Nas and Jade are Straight Up. This Dynamic Duo go BOOM BOOM POW on The X Factor 2011.

These two are artists and I just loved the style! Awesome fun, got me more than tapping on the floor.
Even my daughter was up and dancing.
The judges loved it.
The crowd loved it!
And guess what Australia loved it too!
Will these two become stars "Yes For Sure"!
I am really looking forward to what they are going to sing next!
Go guys I am a fan already,,,,GO NAS AND JADE!

X Factor Australia: Auditions Episode Four « Feed Limmy

Round of applause for the show producers because this year, X Factor Australia is actually standing up stronger than ever before powered by a well-edited mix of “controversy”, shock factor and some well decent contestants. They've ... 3) Straight Up – who's gonna keep these two in line? The idea of a ... When they stepped on stage to do their mash up of 'Boom Boom Pow/ Satisfaction' last night, it didn't feel like an audition. It looked ... Gordon / Sep 3 2011 12:47 am ...

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