Friday, September 30, 2011

Reece Mastin Sings I Kissed The Girls and Kissed The Dancer

Yes, Reece Mastin Sings I Ki
Reece Mastin - X Factor Australia 2011 Live Show 2 (FULL) Kiss
SONG STARTS at 1:15 Reece sings "I Kissed A Girl" His second performance on The X Factor Australia 2011. live Shows week night two. Reece kiss kissing kisses a girl dancer Sarah

ssed The Girls!  Then Kissed The Dancer (hot)

Reece Mastin Interview I Kissed The Girl!

Reece Mastin Interview About That Kiss on Today Tonight - X Factor Australia 2011
Reece planted a lingering kiss on a dancer during his performance on The X Factor Live Show 2.Decider two. Reece kiss kisses kissing kissed a girl Sarah and I liked it.

The Latest Reece Mastin Twitter Comments Here!

OMG REECE MASTIN <3333333 #xfactor :)(: I love him soooooo much! I would pay one million $ if I got that kiss! xo
By laurabourke13 at 09/30/2011 23:31

@nikitaaa21 caan u bloody believe they made an add on that kiss and reece mastin ! Oh ma gosh!
By Lennypearcexxx at 09/30/2011 20:57

Just saw the Reece Mastin kid kiss that chick. 0MG N0W HE KISSED H3R I HAVE NO H0PE IN LYF ANYMORE. * kills miself *
By GraceStackk at 09/30/2011 9:53

Who Is Blogging About Reece Mastin

X Factor Australia: Live Shows Week Two « Feed Limmy
1) Reece Mastin doing 'I Kissed A Girl': queer thinking, straight talking. I never thought I'd stick up for Katy Perry but what is 'I Kissed A Girl' if you remove same-sex attraction and/or irony from the mix? ...
Publish Date: 09/29/2011 1:31

The X Factor Australia 2011: Season 3 – Top 11 Performances ...
Reece Mastin – I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry). Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. Caio: : Musica bem sem noção pro Reece cantar, pq tipo ele nunca beijou nenhuma garota não? E que coisa RIDICULA por ...
Publish Date: 09/28/2011 10:24

So, girls and guys I hope you like the videos, Twitter Feeds and Blog posts. Sorry I have been away for a bit.
My words to this great new young singer and a definite future star is go hard mate!

I will have some more coming soon!

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